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NCDS Building, St. Mary's Street

The Valley, Anguilla, West Indies



+1 264 498-6237

+1 264 584-1035/584-1037



Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS) is a model for delivering network services virtually over the Internet on a monthly subscription basis. The requirements from the customer to create this information technology (IT) network are computers, an Internet connection and access to the provider's IaaS portal. This concept allows customers to save financially as they would no longer have to purchase network hardware or employ the full staff needed to manage an in-house network. In essence, the network becomes a utility, paid for just like electricity or water or heat, but because the network is virtual, all its complexities are hidden from customer’s view and managed by NCDS.


Our Services

  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Networking
  • Data Routing
  • Cloud Technology
  • Messaging Services
  • Project Management
  • WiFi Services & Software
  • Network & Data Security
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Our Clients

  • The Anguilla Development Board
  • The Anguilla Social Security Board
  • National Commercial Bank of Anguilla
  • Caribbean Credit Card Corporation
  • Bank Of Nevis
  • National Bank Of Dominica
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  • Location:NCDS Building, St. Mary's
    Street The Valley, Anguilla, West Indies
  • Phone:+ 1 (264) 498 6237
    + 1 (264) 584 1035/37

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